About Catalyst4


Serving Northampton and Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania, Catalyst4 provides training in construction and other trades – helping to meet the demand for skilled workers, decrease unemployment, create affordable housing, and eliminate blight.

Catalyst4 began in 2019 with the belief that by providing an opportunity for employment, with a livable wage, a sustainable future for individuals and families could be assured.

By providing training in construction and other trades, we can help meet the demand for skilled workers, while decreasing unemployment, particularly for those whose past has made securing employment difficult. At the same time, we see the chance to increase the availability of affordable housing, eliminate blight, and develop a sense of community pride.

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Our Vision

Individuals in our community can achieve long term stability through construction skills training, a livable wage, increased availability of affordable housing for all, and elimination of blight.

Our Mission

To provide the tools needed to secure a healthy, hopeful and sustainable future.

The Need

Vine Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH. This house was condemned by the city and demolished in late March 2021.

Photo by Flickr user Warren LeMay.

The need for Catalyst4 increased dramatically with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbated the challenging living and working conditions already present in the Lehigh Valley. Hands-on-training was no longer available, marginalizing those without a computer. Unemployment rose, especially among unskilled workers. Rental rates increased as housing became unavailable, making affordable housing virtually nonexistent. The number of eviction filings increased and continues to do so.

Blight in communities is likely to increase as well, as landlords are unable to afford necessary repairs to their properties and/or mortgages, resulting in foreclosures and unattended properties. All of these factors contribute to poor health outcomes and greater food insecurity, fear, low morale, and loss of hope. This is particularly true for our friends and families who have not had access to the information and resources needed to maintain their lifestyles or have otherwise been left behind.

As the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt by those most vulnerable in our community, the need for support and training is great. Catalyst4 seeks to meet that need by working in partnership with those who seek employment with a livable wage, stable housing and hope for the future.

Our Board of Directors

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