If you or someone you know having difficulty finding employment due to something in your/their past – criminal record, mental health or drug and alcohol issues, or are a veteran or someone who has faced discrimination in employment – Catalyst4 is here to help.

Catalyst4 provides free job training in construction and other trades, helping unemployed and under-employed people in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley build new careers – while also helping to meet the demand for skilled workers, to create affordable housing, and to eliminate blight.

We serve Lehigh and Northampton Counties, and we believe we can help assure a sustainable future for our communities by building community and helping to provide opportunities for employment, with a livable wage. Find out more about how you can join us!

All Are Welcome!

Catalyst4 is committed to equity, justice, diversity and inclusion and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, age or genetic information.

What Our Trainees Say

  • What impact has the class had on you?

    [It] made me want to attain my goals and dreams even more.

  • Have your aspirations/dreams changed since you began the class?

    Yes, its helped me to think on a bigger scale of what I want to do in my life and realize a lot is possible with the right help.

Thanks to our Supporters!

Catalyst4 is grateful for the support of Donald & Penny Pray, whose generosity has helped make this website possible.

In addition to donations, we always need volunteers, as well as partner organizations and businesses to help in our mission to secure a healthy, hopeful and sustainable future here in the Lehigh Valley. Find out how you might be able to help.

Our Partners